Macbook Kicked the Bucket

…and I am slightly traumatized. I amd going to try to figure out how to post from my phone, but I don’t know how the posts will look. My laptop actually died like 3 posts ago, but I borrowed a computer to make a few posts in advance and just schedule them to come out over a few days time. That’s not a computer I have much access to though, so I downloaded wp2go on my phone and its working ok so far. We’ll see how pics come up. Anyway I hope everyone’s week is starting out well. Enjoy and I will update soon. Maybe I can post something tomorrow… ehhh =o(


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Nightmare Snatcher Journals

I love this creative idea by SpiderBite to keep nightmares away. The monsters are too cute to be afraid of and include a rhyming spell on the inside of each journal as well.

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Crochet Patterns by WeeBeeUniques

Check out WeeBeeUniques for more of these adorable crochet patterns! There are a lot of unique items in this shop and all patterns are sent in PDF format. Now if only I could crochet!

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Leather Keychains by Leather Prince

I love these cute little keychains. With over 200 in the shop, there are tons of styles and color varieties available. I like the apple one as a little gift for teachers. Check out theĀ blog too! His new pup reminds me of the dog from the never ending story lol. Too cute!


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Classy Keychain Wallets

I don’t know if I would keep mine on my keychain, but I definitely am putting one of these lil guys on my Christmas list! Visit Stash Bags and take a look at the other products for sale. There are more cool bags to pick from besides the keychain wallets. I just zoomed in on these because I’ve been looking for a stylish yet professional looking wallet that can fit in my back pocket without being bulky. Eureka!

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Lulu Bug Jewelry

Silver Jewelry by Lulu Bug Jewelry. I sooo want the Speak Love necklace! Check out her blog too if you get a chance =o)

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Beautiful Shawls by Nits

Shawls for the fall! Great gift for yourself or that special lady. I love the color combinations of these pieces! Check out Nitscreations for more styles!

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